Monday, December 7, 2009


I got that pink smelly thing off my foot today. Happy day!!!!! It is so yucky. It is way dry and it feels like i have tape or something on my foot but I don't it is just a layer of dead skin. And lets talk about the hair on my leg! can you say man hair it really looks like Brian's leg because of how long it is. The pictures do not do it justice I wish you all could see and smell it in person! OH one more thing my leg is so small now like it really does not look like it should be on my body! but I am so happy to have it off!!!! now I have to were a brace for a few weeks and it is a good thing because my leg is sooooooooo week!



Lori Peterson EDPS 3140 blog said...

You know I love you with all my heart and you will always be one of my best friends but kel, GROSS!!!

Scott and Stef said...

Yuk!! I hate feet! I am really glad you finally got the cast maybe time for lots of lotion and a razor!!

Love you and CAN'T wait to see you!!