Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brian

So today Brian turned into an old man! 25! He is just growing up so fast. He just finished school and got a real job and is going to have two kids! I love him so much he is such a good husband and Dad. I would not trade him for anything.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok so things have been crazy around here with the holidays going back and forth from family to family. We had such a good Christmas this year it was so fun to see Gavin open gifts!
We started Christmas eve off by going to Brian's moms and decorating cookies for Santa! that was fun Gavin loved it. Then we opened gifts from Brian's grandma. Gavin got books and two stuffed animals! then he got to open his gifts from his cousin. He got a baseball thing from buzz and Brooky and some balls and a puzzle from Will.
Then Christmas morning Santa gave him a rocking horse and a big jumping house! He thought he was in heaven when he saw that!
Then we went to my parents and he was done opening gifts so he just went in mikes room and watch pooh! It's my guess that this is the last year that he does that! But he got blocks and a fire truck and a pooh phone.
Then we went to Brian's parents and he got a farmer and a spin and say. He got more toys than he can play with! We had such a good day!