Saturday, October 24, 2009


We went to the pumpkin patch on Monday! It was fun. And Gavin was so happy to see friend because we have been sick forever it seems like. The only thing he told Brian about the pumpkin patch was that he was scared of the chickens and liked the bunnies! That kid is so cute!

Gavins 2 year and Austin 6 month picturs

We got these done a few weeks ago I love them!!!!! Thank Shay!


A few weeks ago the circus was in town and we thought it would be so fun for Gavin because he is so into elephants and tigers! So we got tickets and we were so excited to go and then the day before Gavin got the flu. And so the day of the circus we just did not no if Gavin would be up for going. but the time came to go and he was acting better so we went. He liked the Elephants and the tigers but everything else he could have cared less about. I think he would have had more fun if he was not sick but Brian and I thought it was fun!

Apple time!

Gavin had been checking on these apples since January with my Dad. We would get to my parents house and as soon as he saw my day he would say" papa Big Apples"and then they would go out side and look at all the trees. But now it has come to an end and papa has picked all the apples! Now he says " COWS DRINK" that means they go give the cows their water!
What a little farmer

Park City

So Last week we went up to park city with Brian's family for the weekend. It was so fun. we went swimming and to the alpine slides (Gavin loved them) and just relaxed!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Disneyland part 2

We went to Disneyland 3 days and it was so much fun! the last 22 days were so hot!and the one night we stayed for the parade Brian and I went to get Gavin mickey ears and he stayed with papa to watch it and they chose Gavin to be in the parade! I was so sad I missed it! Gavin love it and wants to go back he asks he every day!
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6 months old!!!

Austin is 6 months now! He is just getting so big he sits up by himself and he has 4 teeth and he gets on all fours and rocks back and forth trying to figure out how to move! he weighs 18 lb and he is 28 in long he is a big guy! he is just so sweet when he is not getting teeth! we all love him so much.
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