Thursday, December 2, 2010

I love these crazy kids

Monday, November 8, 2010


We are in California for a little vacation and we went to Disneyland a few days. The first day we went, we had a lot of fun and at the end of the day we always stop for ice cream. Austin waited in the very long line with Brian and he was so good the entire time, then when he got his ice cream he burst into tears, started screaming, and would not stop and would not eat it. Finally I figured out that he wanted a sprinkle cone. So, we bought a little cup of sprinkles and put them on his cone and he was happy as a clam! I love that kid!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


OK, so I lost my ring at the Corn Belly's a week and a half ago; tonight Brian, Austin, and I went out with a metal detector, to try one last time to find it but I thought it was hopeless. But I went anyway. So we retraced all my steps from that night and nothing. Then we went to where I was parked and out of the blue I see my ring on top of a rock, in the gravel, right where my car door would have been. Crazy!!!!!! It was like the big man upstairs led me to it because we had looked and looked so many times and not found it. Then tonight, BAM!, it was right there in gravel and I could see it! Oh boy was I so happy, I am still in shock! Prayers are answered!

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Last night we took the boys out trick or treating! They had so much fun! Gav loved being with all his cousins and Bug just loved running from door to door. And if you tried to hold his bag for him he would freak, thinking you were taking it away from him and would not let go of it for his life. Austin had more candy that night than he has had in his entire life. He was wired all night; he lied in his bed till 10:30 just singing to himself, it was so funny. Gavin is not a big fan of candy, I think he had 3 pieces all night!

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On Thursday we had Emily ,Julie , deb and will all over to carve pumpkins. it was fun Gavin did not cry at the guts this year but he did not like touching them . Austin thought the pumpkins were for eating! and he did not mined putting his hand in them and cleaning them out. deb helped Gav make a pirate on his em made a cool skeleton pirate one for Austin and will and Julie made a happy face and Brian widdaled away for 3 hours making a Phoenix suns one yea that is right he would not help his kids he had to do his own! ha ha ha they all looked so cool at the end!
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Ward party

This week we had our ward Halloween party. Brian and I were incharge of it. It went better then we thought. we had so much help from our commitee ,family and neighbors . thanks to everyone!! bri and I went as cowboys and gav was woody and we wanted Austin to be a horse but he was not liking the costume to much so then he was a bat . so glad it is over!
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Our family came into town and we went and did all the fun halloween things at thanksgiving point. Gav learned what a mummy is and now he tells me all the time that he is going to " roll me up like a mommy" he is so cute. the day we went to corn belly's it was a sad day because i lost my wedding ring there! we have gone and looked for it so many times it is gone forever sad day!
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pumpkin patch

We did our annual pumpkin patch at vineyard with our friends but we were missing some :( It was bugs first time and he loved the animal part of it. he is a farmer at heart .
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I got to take gav to his first BYU football game this year with my mom and dad while Brian stayed home with Austin. It was a lot of fun he feel asleep on the way there and he was acting way out of it. but he woke up and had a fun time we got a byu big boy cup and had a hot dog. and did our favorite cheer. he loves the byu cheer when he plays basketball he tells me to" cheer him up" and that means sing him the byu fight song. so when the played it at the game he was so happy to sing it with papa!
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We love our boots! mostly buggy he always wants them on so finally it rained and he could were them for a purpose!
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The boys got new tools and the first thing the did was get all dressed up like Handy Manny! so funny
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We went to the circus this year because gav loved it so much last year. we all had so much fun!!!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

He is so big!

Last week Gav stated school he loves it . It made me a little sad when i took this picture because he is growing up so fast! I love this guy!
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Red Rock Relay

This was last weekend. Had a little girls trip running! I think I can say it was fun but it was the hardest thing i have ever done. I will never do it again. But i did meet so amazing people and I am glad I did it.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How did you think this would be ok?

This story is one for the blog!
Today I had to make dinner for a family in my ward so I told Gav and Austin to go downstairs and play. They went down and were doing so good; no one was crying and I hadn’t heard from them for a while. Then Gav came up and I looked at him and he didn’t have his pants on. . .

I said: Where are your pants? Did you pee in them?
He said: No, they are just a little wet.
I said: Did you pee on the ground?
He said: No.
I said: Did you pee in the toilet?
He said: No, I peed on Austie.
I was like: No you didn’t; where did you pee?
He said: I just peed on Austie.
So I said: OK just go get your pants so I can look at them.

He brings them to me and they are not wet at all. So I just dropped the whole thing and went back to cooking because I just thought he went to the bathroom and was just trying to be funny. A little while later Austin came upstairs. The boys were playing and I was still cooking not paying attention to what they were doing then. . .

Gavin says: See mommy I PEED ON AUSTIE!

I go over to them and sure enough Austin had pee all over one side of his body! I’m as happy as can be I might add...Not. I was shocked Gav would really pee on Austin and then tell me about it like it was no big deal. I made him sit on a chair for a really long time and I tried to tell him, THAT IF HE EVER PEED ON ANYTHING BUT HIS POTTY AGAIN I would take his new kitchen that he just got for his birthday and throw it away, all the while trying not to laugh. He was so sorry. I just kept asking him how he thought it would be OK to pee on his brother. Oh boy, I learned my lesson, never leave them alone for too long!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don't you just love this

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Pirate party

Gav's birthday was last week and for months he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. So we planned on just doing that. However his little friend had a birthday party a month before and Gav went. After his friend’s party he told me that he wanted to take his friends to his birthday party. Well, I was not about to take a bunch of little kids to Chuck E Cheese; so I told him no and hoped he would forget about it. Then a few days before his birthday we found out his aunt Debbie from California wanted to come to the party, so we pushed the party back until the next Monday so she could make it. Now that the party was changed I needed to figure out what we were going to do on Gav’s birthday so it felt like his birthday. I thought I could just do a small little party with some of the kids in our neighborhood and play a few games, have a cupcake and that would be it easy without a lot of work. We decided to go to the party store to get a few little things and we see all the pirate stuff. Gav loves pirates, Arrrr! He loved all the pirate stuff and so did I. So needless to say, we ended up with a way bigger party then we thought or needed for a 3 year old! But he loved it.

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We played pin the flag on the treasure, red rover, and Emily made up a little cute treasure hunt for them with little gift bags waiting for them at the end. Then we had cupcakes and opened presents. Gavin had so much fun with all of “his kids"; that is what he calls his friends. I am so happy I did this for him even if he is only 3 and won’t remember it. The party was totally worth the big hug he gave me afterwards and said, "That was so fun mommy thank you I love you so much"! Love that guy!

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sleepy pirate

After the party I went to clean up and realized that I hadn’t heard from Gav for a while. I went down stairs to see what he was doing and that is how I found him he was so funny!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake powell

We went a moth ago to lake Powell. It was fun a little hard because Brian didn't come but still fun and Gav had so much fun with all his little friends! oh summer how I am going to miss you!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


On Monday the 5Th we ran our 10k we as in EM ,steff , scott and i. it was a lot of fun it was our first race ever and we all finished. I did not win! I know i know it is very shocking i think i finished like 4999 place. i am just glad i finished it took me an hour and 6 min. I am so glad I got to do it with two of my favorite people Emily and Steff thanks guy it was so fun! Brian my dad and the boys come down later to see us finish.
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We had an OK 4Th. It started of the first we had our big ward party that Brian and i were in charge of witch went well thanks to our family's that helped us so much. then of Saturday the 3rd we went hiking to Stewart falls. It was not the best idea we have ever had! we went with Brian's family. the kids were just to small but it was beautiful when we got there. but sadly on the way back we only had point 4 miles to go and papa slipped and fell! it sounded like a branch braking! I can still hear it Brian said are you OK and his dad said no i think i broke my leg at that point i took the kids and ran down the rest of the way to fined help because i didn't want Gavin to see a bone sticking out of his leg. (but it didn't). when i got to the bottom there was this family there and they were so nice to go help get him down the mountain. long story short he broke his leg in three places and had to have surgery. sad day he is doing much better now. but so after we got him to the hospital we went to my family's and had a BBQ and did fireworks that was fun Gavin loved the sparklers this was the first year he liked it! Austin liked them too. then on Monday i had my big run . so all and all it was a crazy weekend but it was nice to be with family!
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swimming lessons

The boys had swimming lessons a few weeks ago! they loved it. Gavin was so brave he always did the things the teacher wanted him to do wile the other kids in his class were to scared to get in the water! And Austin love to jump of the side of the pool if i am ready for him or not!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today Bug got tubes in his ears! Because he has had like 9 or 10 ear infections in the last year so i thought it was time to fix it! I know I am a bad mom to make him wait so long! but so we got there at 9:20 and he did not go back for the surgery until 10:45 mined you he had not eaten or drank anything sense the night before at like 7. Lets just say he had had it by the time we got to the hospital. I did ok with the hole thing until the nurse came to get him and he scram so hard and reached for me i started to cry and told Brian that that broke my heart. but i got it together and new he would be fine and then ten minutes later he was done. the surgery went well and we hope we have a pain free ears. as you can see from the pictures he hated the hole thing he really did not stop crying until we got in the car to come home. i thought for sure after when they brought him to me he would cuddle up to me and drink his cup! NO was i wrong he just wanted nothing to do with me he was so mad! happy day it is over!
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