Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How did you think this would be ok?

This story is one for the blog!
Today I had to make dinner for a family in my ward so I told Gav and Austin to go downstairs and play. They went down and were doing so good; no one was crying and I hadn’t heard from them for a while. Then Gav came up and I looked at him and he didn’t have his pants on. . .

I said: Where are your pants? Did you pee in them?
He said: No, they are just a little wet.
I said: Did you pee on the ground?
He said: No.
I said: Did you pee in the toilet?
He said: No, I peed on Austie.
I was like: No you didn’t; where did you pee?
He said: I just peed on Austie.
So I said: OK just go get your pants so I can look at them.

He brings them to me and they are not wet at all. So I just dropped the whole thing and went back to cooking because I just thought he went to the bathroom and was just trying to be funny. A little while later Austin came upstairs. The boys were playing and I was still cooking not paying attention to what they were doing then. . .

Gavin says: See mommy I PEED ON AUSTIE!

I go over to them and sure enough Austin had pee all over one side of his body! I’m as happy as can be I might add...Not. I was shocked Gav would really pee on Austin and then tell me about it like it was no big deal. I made him sit on a chair for a really long time and I tried to tell him, THAT IF HE EVER PEED ON ANYTHING BUT HIS POTTY AGAIN I would take his new kitchen that he just got for his birthday and throw it away, all the while trying not to laugh. He was so sorry. I just kept asking him how he thought it would be OK to pee on his brother. Oh boy, I learned my lesson, never leave them alone for too long!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don't you just love this

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Pirate party

Gav's birthday was last week and for months he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. So we planned on just doing that. However his little friend had a birthday party a month before and Gav went. After his friend’s party he told me that he wanted to take his friends to his birthday party. Well, I was not about to take a bunch of little kids to Chuck E Cheese; so I told him no and hoped he would forget about it. Then a few days before his birthday we found out his aunt Debbie from California wanted to come to the party, so we pushed the party back until the next Monday so she could make it. Now that the party was changed I needed to figure out what we were going to do on Gav’s birthday so it felt like his birthday. I thought I could just do a small little party with some of the kids in our neighborhood and play a few games, have a cupcake and that would be it easy without a lot of work. We decided to go to the party store to get a few little things and we see all the pirate stuff. Gav loves pirates, Arrrr! He loved all the pirate stuff and so did I. So needless to say, we ended up with a way bigger party then we thought or needed for a 3 year old! But he loved it.

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We played pin the flag on the treasure, red rover, and Emily made up a little cute treasure hunt for them with little gift bags waiting for them at the end. Then we had cupcakes and opened presents. Gavin had so much fun with all of “his kids"; that is what he calls his friends. I am so happy I did this for him even if he is only 3 and won’t remember it. The party was totally worth the big hug he gave me afterwards and said, "That was so fun mommy thank you I love you so much"! Love that guy!

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sleepy pirate

After the party I went to clean up and realized that I hadn’t heard from Gav for a while. I went down stairs to see what he was doing and that is how I found him he was so funny!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake powell

We went a moth ago to lake Powell. It was fun a little hard because Brian didn't come but still fun and Gav had so much fun with all his little friends! oh summer how I am going to miss you!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

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