Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If you think Austin looks like me look at this!


He is just like his Mom

So we gave Austin his first ice cream cone! He loves them. Like when you try to take it away to pull off the paper you would think he was being shot! he cries harder then he ever has before. And like he just sits with it in his mouth and does not move it. by the time he is done with it his face is so red from being so cold. he is so cute just don't take his ice cream away!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy birthday to Austin!!!

Today is a Austin's birthday!! I just can't stand that my baby is 1, he grew up way to fast!
We had a little party with our familys it was fun and Austin got a lot of cool stuff!! And Gavin thinks he got some cool stuff too. He just did not get it that all the gifts were not for him! Also Austin is talking a little bit more. He says Hat, Mom, ball, and he trys to say Gavin oh and more. He loves to go up the stairs and play basketball just like his big brother! And he loves to climb on anything . This is so crazy for me because Gavin did not start climbing untill he was like 2 . It is scarry because Austin is still so small and not stirty. He gets up on stuff but then does not know how to get down. And he always has a bruse in the midal of his forhead! sad. We love this little guy so much he just makes us so happy!