Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is the sweetest kid ever

This kid just has the biggest heart. He just loves everyone and is just so sweet. He takes care of me and his little brother. He got so sad when we told him I was going to have knee surgery. He told me it was going to hurt me and he did not want me to, and that I would be sad and then he started to cry. We had to talk to him for a long time telling him I was going to be fine and it was going to help me. Oh how I love him so!

Oh i love my bug!

This guy has such a mind of his own! He loves........... basketball, cookies, yelling mommy all-day-long, his big brother, getting into everything, playing Just Dance at grandma's, and getting his pillow pet and blanket and watching Toy Story 3 on my bed. He is just so funny. Love!

Oh the blood clot

I am so board; I was put on bed-rest yesterday because I had minor knee surgery on Friday. After 2 days of pain and an ER visit, I found out I got a blood clot in my calf. Now I just have to sit and wait until my blood levels get stable, then I can move and take care of my family. But I really cannot complain, Brian has been the best nurse ever. But today he had to go back to work :( Blood clots are no fun, I don't recommend getting one.