Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How did you think this would be ok?

This story is one for the blog!
Today I had to make dinner for a family in my ward so I told Gav and Austin to go downstairs and play. They went down and were doing so good; no one was crying and I hadn’t heard from them for a while. Then Gav came up and I looked at him and he didn’t have his pants on. . .

I said: Where are your pants? Did you pee in them?
He said: No, they are just a little wet.
I said: Did you pee on the ground?
He said: No.
I said: Did you pee in the toilet?
He said: No, I peed on Austie.
I was like: No you didn’t; where did you pee?
He said: I just peed on Austie.
So I said: OK just go get your pants so I can look at them.

He brings them to me and they are not wet at all. So I just dropped the whole thing and went back to cooking because I just thought he went to the bathroom and was just trying to be funny. A little while later Austin came upstairs. The boys were playing and I was still cooking not paying attention to what they were doing then. . .

Gavin says: See mommy I PEED ON AUSTIE!

I go over to them and sure enough Austin had pee all over one side of his body! I’m as happy as can be I might add...Not. I was shocked Gav would really pee on Austin and then tell me about it like it was no big deal. I made him sit on a chair for a really long time and I tried to tell him, THAT IF HE EVER PEED ON ANYTHING BUT HIS POTTY AGAIN I would take his new kitchen that he just got for his birthday and throw it away, all the while trying not to laugh. He was so sorry. I just kept asking him how he thought it would be OK to pee on his brother. Oh boy, I learned my lesson, never leave them alone for too long!


Worle said...

That is too funny. Little boys are so mischievous!

Scott and Stef said...

Hahaha, that is hilarious! I can't believe he peed on him, haha.

Melissa said...

Oh what I have to look forward to with my boys! I'm sure you handled it WAY better than I would.

Iliana said...

Hilarious! Gavin is so innocent it makes his naughty peeing so funny.

Jade said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that this will NOT be the last time Gav pees on another boy be at Austin or not!