Monday, December 21, 2009

9 Months

My baby is 9 months. Oh my where did the time go? I know everyone says that there kids grow up so fast but really he is growing up sooooooooooo fast. This is just some of the stuff he does now.
1He crawls to the stairs and bounces trying to go up them. but he just does not know how to get his big legs up them!
2 He loves to smile with his moth open. (it is the biggest smile you have ever seen)
3 He loves his bath with his big brother
4 He has been sleeping 12 hours a night for 2 months except when he is sick
5 He just got a big boy car seat and he loves being able to see me when we drive
6 He loves his grandma more then me
7 He likes to watch whinne the pooh
8 He eats anything you put in his mouth sometimes it is a bad thing when he eats money!!!! But we hope he will be a better eater then Gavin
9 He loves my phone
10 He has 6 teeth with 2 more comming in
These are his stats
weight 19lb 12oz
height 29 in

what a big guy but I have buff arms because of him

Ho we love this bug so much

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