Saturday, December 12, 2009


When Gavin gets sick and gets a cough he almost always has to do breathing treatments because he wheezes! And if you know him he is sick all the time! So he has been having to do the breathing treatments a lot. And we just got him a new mask to help him not be scared of it. It helps a little bit but he still hates to do it. When we say to Gavin we have to do your mask he runs away and screaming no mask!!!!! But this was a good day he just sat and watched a show! Sad for Gavin.


Scott and Stef said...

That is so sad about Gavin! And you look so good!...are you eating? I am going to see you in 10 days!!!!!!!!!

My Cleansing Journey said...

cough... not caught. I'm not exactly sure what you were meaning. If you want i can edit your posts before you post them. . . But i love gavin and it's sad that he has to wear a mask and be sick all the time. lets get those tonsils out!