Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Bug he is 2!!

That is right we had another pirate party at our house this time it was for Austin he is 2!! It is so crazy to me that i really have no babies because for the past 3 years that is all I had now i have 2 big boys! :( they grow up so fast!!! The party was fun we had all the cousins from both sides there and we had dinner , had a treasure hunt , opened presents and had cup cakes. it was so fun and deb made all the cute decorations for it she even made the table look like a pirate ship was so cute. I love this kid so much. he has started talking more and eating better he loves basketball puzzles and books he loves being outside and bugging gav. he is so funny and sneaky. I am going to have to watch out with this one! I LOVE HIM so much and I am so happy he got to come to our family.!


sammy said...

what a cute idea to make the table a ship- I may have to steal that one! Love the pirate party. We should get together soon!

Tim and Lara said...

He is so cute! And so big! Time to have another baby Kell!