Sunday, July 11, 2010

We had an OK 4Th. It started of the first we had our big ward party that Brian and i were in charge of witch went well thanks to our family's that helped us so much. then of Saturday the 3rd we went hiking to Stewart falls. It was not the best idea we have ever had! we went with Brian's family. the kids were just to small but it was beautiful when we got there. but sadly on the way back we only had point 4 miles to go and papa slipped and fell! it sounded like a branch braking! I can still hear it Brian said are you OK and his dad said no i think i broke my leg at that point i took the kids and ran down the rest of the way to fined help because i didn't want Gavin to see a bone sticking out of his leg. (but it didn't). when i got to the bottom there was this family there and they were so nice to go help get him down the mountain. long story short he broke his leg in three places and had to have surgery. sad day he is doing much better now. but so after we got him to the hospital we went to my family's and had a BBQ and did fireworks that was fun Gavin loved the sparklers this was the first year he liked it! Austin liked them too. then on Monday i had my big run . so all and all it was a crazy weekend but it was nice to be with family!
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