Saturday, August 29, 2009

Horsey Ride

This is kisses after the ride

This post is more of a journal post but still really funny! So I had Gavin and Austin in the living room on the floor just playing and I was in the kitchen and I heard Gavin say " horsey ride horsey ride" I did not think much of it and I finished what i was doing and was walking over to them and I heard a weird sound not a pained sound but just one i have never heard before. so i see Austin laying on his back with Gavin sitting on his face and neck jumping up and down!!! I yell Gavin get off!! freaking out then i remember hearing horsey ride horsey ride and put 2 and 2 together that Gavin was just getting a horsey ride on Austin's head! I then started laughing but kept trying not to because I was trying to get mad at Gavin! OH boy am I in for it with these 2!!!!!!!!( Austin was not harmed in this little ride)


Scott and Stef said...

That is so funny! It will get even scarier when Gavin tries to carry him around. They are such cute boys! I can't believe how big Gavin is. . and has a tooth! We miss you guys!

Scott and Stef said...

I mean Austin, I know Gavin has teeth :)