Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Austin at 2 months!

So here are the stats on Austin he is 24 in long 90% 13.6 lb 80% and I can't remember his head size but it is in the 90%. This kid is soooooo big but so cute he is smiling like crazy and his favorite thing to do is sit in his swing and talk to you he loves to say gooooooooo! H e is such a happy little guy he only really cries when he wants to eat. He also just got his first hair cut happy day no more grose long hairs now it can all grow in evenly!


Rob and Courtney said...

Holy cow! When did Austin get so big?! He is such a cutie.

Emily said...

Ya Kell he totally looks like you in that picture.

Melissa said...

He just got a hair cut? No way! I guess I'll never know what it feels like to have a kid with lots of hair. I feel like I don't see him much. when ever we hang out he is either asleep in his car seat or you left him with Brian. He's definitely cute!