Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ok so I was thinking of all the funny things Gavin does now and thought I better write them down so here they are!

Whenever we go to someones house he finds there remote and turns on the TV.

Whenever he see football or basketball on TV he stop what he is doing and runs to the TV and says BALL BALL BALL and freaks out!

He loves to put on any ones shoes.

He loves to brush is teeth with his Dad in the morning.

He loves to fake laugh when people are laughing.

he loves to be naked and runaway form me and pee on the floor.

He loves to sit on any size of car big or small and try to ride on it.

In the morning when we come down stairs he always first goes to gets his cup then goes to the fridge to fill it up with water.

HE thinks anything that is round is a ball and tries to bounce it like a tomato!

I love this litte kid to death!


The Gunters said...

he's so cute! i love that he pee's on the floor. how fun for you.

Scott and Stef said...

What a cute boy he is! He sure has a fun personality! It is funny that he turns on the TV where ever he goes, he sounds like he is a couch potatoe! I sure miss you guys!