Thursday, October 2, 2008

What am I doing to make Gavin sick all the time?

So Gavin has had a cold for the past month and I thought he was finally getting better. but then yesterday he was getting a fever so I took him into the doctor. I normally don't take him in because the always tell me nothing new and never give me anything to give him. but so we went in and he had 2 ear infections a soar throat and a sines infection! what the crap what am I doing wrong here? I am so glad we went in and now he is on a lot of medicine so I hope he gets better soon I hate when he is so sick!!!


Tim and Lara said...

oh Kellee you make me laugh! You didn't do anything wrong! I'm sorry your little one is so darn sick! I feel bad for the young buck...get better Gavin!!

Scott and Stef said...

Oh Kell, you are not doing anything wrong! That is so sad for Gavin, I bet he is miserable! It is hard having a sick kid too because there is nothing you can do for them and you are just miserable with them. Anyways, I miss you!!

Courtney said...

I hope cute Gavin gets better soon, once and for all!!!